Sparkle: Save the Date Photos

My Sparkle Friend is getting married!!

I was so honored when she asked if I could get a few photos of her and her soon to be hubby for their Save the Date cards.

Save the Date 1_0917

I am not certain if I have blogged about my Sparkle Friend before.  I have so named her this cause she likes anything that sparkles or glitters.

Unlike me, she is also the last minute type of girl.  I, of course, prefer a good plan laid out weeks, if not months in advance.

She can plan an amazing shindig; however, just know she will have the outline of the menu, party decorations and activities scribbled on a napkin, approximately three hours before it is to begin.  Then she pulls it off without issue – just as people begin to arrive.

Save the Date 10_0921

So, knowing this about Sparkle, I knew booking a date for this photo shoot or having a plan as to how this would all go down, was just not going to happen.

After several attempts of her grabbing me and the camera at the last minute, we learned that our schedules do not mesh well.  We are both busy girls!  Getting a photo shoot in  was going to be a challenge.

Save the Date 8_0919

So, when we received about a foot of fresh snow on a weekday, she called me up right before sundown and asked, “How about we do that picture thing in the snow?!  Like right now!”

I had several good reasons to say “no”.  (1) Cause it had just taken me 2 1/2 hours to get home from the Adoption Center and (2) I was in my pajamas!  (3) Not to mention it was cold out there!!

But, she is my Sparkle Friend and I knew they would be fabulous in the fresh snow with the City of Dallas behind them.

Save the Date 7_0918

So, I have waited, sitting on pins and needles, for the Save the Dates to hit the mailboxes.  And now that they have, here are these fun and fabulous photos.

My Sparkle Friend had a vision.  She is a city girl who loves rock ‘n’ roll, designer clothes and a pretty cocktail.  He is a country boy who loves country music, hunting and fishing.  They make the perfect pair!

Save the Date 9_0920

Can’t wait for the wedding!!  I may even wear sparky shoes just for her!




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2 Responses to Sparkle: Save the Date Photos

  1. Shelby says:

    You are amazing. Thank you so much VV.

  2. Cheryl Carter says:

    Vanessa, this blog was so beautifully written! You captured in words and photos an exact depiction of Shelby and Brian, my beautiful daughter and her wonderful fiancé. Thank you, I love it! #dallasphotography

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