Pet Photography: Tanzen

Tanzen Close Up_1488

Meet Tanzen.
Tanzen is 15.

Tanzen has been a devoted companion to Elisabeth since being rescued at a young age.  They have lived life together.  Change in jobs.  Move across the country.  New homes.  New cars.  Baby coming home.  Tanzen and Elisabeth have done it together.

So, in honor of Tanzen and his amazing friendship and devotion, he received his very own photo shoot.  The love between these two is tangible when you see them together.  They have lived life together.

Tanzen Kiss B&W 2_1489

We had to bribe him to stay outside with us for this early morning shoot.  He was content to be inside on the couch.  He knows how to work for treats.

But, you know I couldn’t just focus on sweet Tanzen.  There is Tanzen’s younger four-legged sister Georgia.  And the two-legged kind too.

Georgia Landscape_1487

Susannah Golden Hair 2_1490So, on an early Sunday morning, we took photos, played, laughed and celebrated Tanzen.

S Portrait B&W 8x10_1485And my favorite part . . . . being reminded that they are never too young or old to check out the photographer’s work.

2015-08-20 05.09.24I sure hope they approved.  But, just for the fun of it, I gave the budding photographer the opportunity to take her a few of her own .

Elisabeth 1_1486

Not bad!!  Get that girl a camera!!  Isn’t her mother beautiful!

Elisabeth, thank you for letting me capture these moments.  I was honored to be welcomed into your home.



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