Naaman Forest: Cheerleaders

Rangers 12_1495This past week, I was invited to spend my evenings attending and photographing the Naaman Forest Cheer Camp.  The camp is hosted & taught by the Naaman Forest cheerleaders.  Those benefitting, the young cheer squads for the local Pee-Wee football leagues.

Evenings were filled with chants, cheers and dance.  The high school girls would spend their time mentoring & teaching the young girls.  And in return, the young cheerleaders learned so much about the sport they love from their “buddies”.

Hawks 3_1483

You can see through the photos how much these girls looked up to their “buddies”.  They see them as the young women they want to become.

Rangers 15_1494So, as these Ranger cheerleaders begin another school year at Naaman Forest, remember that these young ladies are watching you.  As you cheer at the football games, they are in the stands watching your every move.

Sharks 2_1493Cheerleader_1484Bisons_1497You are who they will be watching and who they want to be.

Here is to an awesome 2015-2016 school year Naaman Forest!!  And thank you for allowing me to capture some great moments at your Cheer Camp.

Check my SmugMug account for new photos to be posted every day this week!  Purchasing prints of the photos will benefit the Naaman Forest Cheer Squads.

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