Pet Photography: Rescue Outtakes

A portion of my pet photography is for my favorite rescue group, Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  TMHPR is a foster home based rescue organization that finds its purpose in saving dogs and cats from the high kill shelters and the streets.

Rainbow 1_1253

Major Tom 1_1500

My photography of these fabulous rescue dogs can be found here in my SmugMug account.  But, while the photos look calm and under control . . . . many times it is just the opposite . . . WILD and CRAZY.

Tracker Jumping Collage_1366

Sometimes they are just ornery and stubborn . . . .

Fitzroy Cowboy Back_1471 Tiger Back_1510

And sometimes they just not in the mood to smile . . .

Minnie DO NOT USE_1015

But, it is so fulfilling when they do smile and it helps them find that forever home.

Sam Red_1427

Dogs in photos include Rainbow, now known as Sadie.  Major Tom, who is currently looking for his forever home.  Puppy Tracker, now Shiner.  Fitzroy, dressed as a cowboy and Tiger who both would rather not look at the camera.  These sweet boys are both looking for their forever homes.  Minnie, the Calico who is very happy in her foster home; however, did not enjoy the photo session, so much.  And lastly, Sam who was tossed from a truck and left on the streets to fend for himself.  More info about TMHPR and the available dogs and cats can be found at

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