About v2

Hello!  And welcome to my website!

I feel like this website has been years in the making.  I have been working in the Corporate World since fresh out of college.  (That’s approaching 15 years . . . what a reality check!!!)  Same industry, same company.

Along the way, I have worn many “hats” in my life.  Recently, I have decided to remove the “hats” and be bold enough to be, just me.  And this is what I found when I refocused, a photographer.

A photographer that has learned to relish in the moments of the day.  They may be beautiful moments that happen once in a lifetime, capturing a moment in time that is preserved forever.  Or moments that simply chronicle normal, everyday  life . . . the life happening around us.

Again, welcome to my website.  I hope you return to enjoy life thru my lens.

v2 (V Squared)
Vanessa Vandiver

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