Client Feedback

(We) were brought almost to tears over these pics. Thank you for capturing our babies! You were so calm, fun, and realistic during our shoot. A perfectly balanced photographer! You are so gifted as these are beautiful! Thanks so much!  — Beth

oh my gosh- it was like Christmas morning to see more pictures!! I’m sure I’m going to want more then 10 images . . .  — Tara

I LOVED THEM.  It means so much to me to not only spend time with my grandkids but give them something to hold and remember.  You did a great job, thank you so much. — Vicki

I absolutely love the pictures! You did an incredible job!  Thank you again for all your hard work! — Sarah D.

Great job Vanessa!  These will be treasured pictures.  Thanks for coming out to take them.  —  Sarah B.


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